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The door instructs flying Ministry of Public Health of chaos of fly of hotpot so
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Ask you to look, chaos of the fly in house of this hotpot soup flies, still fall in soup bowl, let a person how be able to eat. ” yesterday, one comes to the Beijing that Zheng is away on official business guest horse gentleman is in via the 3 Zhengzhou near road and mouth of agricultural road across house of Guo Guoyang broth has a meal encounter the one act that makes a person disgusting.

Introduce according to Mr Ma, much at 6 o'clock in the morning, after he issues the train, mu Mingzhi goes straight towards house of broth of sheep of Zhengzhou Guo country to have breakfast. When can drinking hotpot boiling water, see fly circles on the head actually, on the table on the side, good part also has the wall fly. The clerk is taking fly to flap dead fly falls on table, the clerk is being held with paper take away. A clerk is carrying a bowl of reeky sheep broth to just sent to client desk, the client exclamations: “ has fly! The client that a lot of having breakfast sees ” such scene, ground of be accustomed to sth is frowsty head does not say. Introduce according to Mr Ma, when him when accusatorial clerk, the clerk says unexpectedly, be outside Tian Lengcang fly arrives in house warm.

Much at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, the reporter understands a situation to the spot, look from outside, house of this hotpot soup decorates high-grade, storefront air, there still is “ China name inside the honorary board such as fastfood ” . Inside dining-room, a few clerks are taking flyswatter to hit fly, there still is fly to fly on the head inside dining-room. In interviewing, this inn piece the director calls foregone path this matter, already arranged employee to eliminating fly, the undeserved explanation that she makes to the guest to the clerk expresses regret, call to apologize to Mr Ma.

Sanitation of road of high yield of health bureau of golden water district supervises a station to execute the law personnel is received after complaining will quickly also to this inn check. The lamp preventing fly that discovers this restaurant is installed became a decoration, the fan that takes door place is shut. In execute the law the example of personnel duty below, the clerk just turns on the lamp that prevent fly. Sanitation executes the law the hutch after personnel is walked into undertakes checking, article of the hutch after discovery is put mixed and disorderly, the ground is fat, sewer has rubbish. Left inside restaurant door, the clean tool such as mop is put directly over, besmirch also is completely on the wall.

After wholesome superintendent is checked, to make known to lower levels of house of this hotpot soup instruct deadline to rectify and reform advice note.