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Think to what industry of sheep of Inner Mongolia flesh grows
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1 production current situation

Inner Mongolia raises ovine history long, there is account of the character that raise a sheep early in summerly business times. Since reforming and opening, be in a country as the party a pasturing area of each policy policy be perfected ceaselessly and fulfil, completely area farming animal husbandry and economy of rural a pasturing area got full-scale development, stock raising already made industry of a of economy of rural a pasturing area significant advantage. Come nearly 20 years especially, development of the estate that raise a sheep is rapid, already crossed the whole nation to produce large area van. At present of sheep goat raise crop of quantity, quantity giving column, hotpot quantity, abb, cashmere wool to all reside the whole nation the first. Inner Mongolia is our country main hotpot produces one of divisions, advantaged capacious prairie and rich farming the solid material base that by-product resource had development flesh sheep to produce.
Amount of livestock on hand of goat of continous of whole 2007 area eighty-eight million two hundred and fifty-eight thousand two hundred, crop of whole area hotpot amounts to eight hundred and eight thousand two hundred T, hotpot crop occupies countrywide first place 3 years continuously, fleshy sheep gives orchid rate to amount to 60% above. Fleshy sheep breed is resourceful, own property yield the pulp good, adaptability is strong, in the Wu Zhumu that enjoys high reputation domestic and internationally Fang Liang of Bei Eryang and other places plants sheep of ooze sheep, Su Ni spy, Hulun, still new Yo is become cling to beautiful flesh sheep. Slave of beautiful interest of the Duosaite that introduces from abroad from time to tome together, Safuke, Germany waits for breed of special flesh sheep. These are the main material bases that improve productivity of fleshy sheep course of study.
While the industry that raise a sheep grows quickly, whole area is planted the construction of ovine field also obtained great progress, layout is perfect with each passing day, kind of sheep field that already constructed certain scale 50, loading whole area the breed of thoroughbred sheep and offer kind of job, can offer kind of sheep every year more than 30 thousand, the progress that for whole area the course of study that raise a sheep produces rises to urge action. At present of the sheep thoroughbred enclothe rate already rose 90% , of thoroughbred flesh sheep supply ability to rise 85% .
Company of bibcock of fleshy sheep treatment grows ceaselessly, arrive to already formed year of treatment flesh sheep at present the enterprise of 1 million above many 10, year process capability amounts to 200 much T.

2 existence problem

2.1 raise means to lag behind quite
Sheep of Inner Mongolia flesh is produced, especially production of sheep of flesh of a pasturing area, still basically rely on a day to raise a sheep, relieve oedema or abdominal distension through diuresis or purgation is careless and herd, the production that raise a sheep is in passive situation from beginning to end, traditional manufacturing pattern, dominant western the production raising a sheep with current a pasturing area, the increase production of hotpot basically relies on to increase raise a quantity to come true, rely on a day to raise a sheep to do not have all the year round safeguard of balanced high grade forage grass and supply, its are direct consequence is to raise a sheep to manufacturing benefit owes beautiful; and be in vast farming area, the course of study that raise a sheep produces medium innumberable families, still take dominant place with be being raised dispersedly, although raise cost low, but nutrient disequilibrium, manage extensive, feed is changed rate is low, go against competition, the product of miniature dispersive production pledges the quantity is controlled hard, participate in market competition to bring adverse effect to the product such as hotpot, the need that industry of sheep of incommensurate already contemporary flesh admits.
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