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Think to what industry of sheep of Inner Mongolia flesh grows
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2.2 macroscopical adjusting control is lacked on introduce a fine variety
Kind of sheep character that introduce is uneven, kind kind of ovine some quality that ovine field comes on the stage is poor, the price is high. Introduced actor is thoroughbred the sheep lacks timely seed selection, come on the stage the sheep is waited a moment without rigid quality standard, introduces fleshy sheep variety, raise except what Xiaofan surrounds outside be being used with cross advantage, the cross flesh sheep that did not form dimensions to change produces a system, rate of fleshy sheep butcher, body is heavy, individual photograph of advanced level of quantity yield the pulp and abroad has difference than returning, high grade and high-grade kid hotpot is not much. Breed be introducinged how with good form a complete set combines relevant breed form inside the area, popularize its cross combination, those who raise hotpot product quality and benefit respect to do is insufficient still.

3 countermeasure and development direction

3.1 improve raise administrative kind, raise fleshy sheep to produce a standard
It is good that natural condition should be used in farming area, raise fodder is resourceful wait for side dominant position, develop; of fleshy sheep industry to be in energetically a pasturing area, want sheep of reliable development flesh, reasonable arrangement lambing is seasonal on production, use the summer when grazing is big, begin seasonal fleshy sheep production. Want to carry out intensive to change energetically, the factory is changed raise, promotion uses the new technology with advanced practical form a complete set, improvement raises administrative requirement, improve labor productivity, expand business of “ bibcock ” , the radiate that should develop bibcock business adequately drives action, base farming is produced in bibcock enterprise and fleshy sheep a benefit segmentation is built between herd door, the economy that the risk carries in all runs a mechanism, build and organize harmonious perfect service system, the balance that achieves a factory to change efficient production and industrialization service is harmonious.
System of 3.2 perfect and thoroughbred breed, pay attention to protective breed resource, strengthen the construction of thoroughbred breed system of fleshy sheep
The admirable variety that admirable breed includes home and abroad to introduce (local breed and breed variety) , build perfect breeding field, progenitive field respectively, form thoroughbred breed system, and formulate implements admirable breed standard, raise administrative technique regulations. Must pay attention to a place the protection of admirable breed, should delimit breed groove guard, thoroughbred to the actor of local breed group undertake protective, hand-in-hand travel seed selection rises.
3.3 promotion cross is improved technology, produce breed resource advantage
The foreign admirable breed that makes full use of to had introduced, begin extensive cross improved job, undertake the fleshy sheep of high quality is produced, especially the dimensions of kid flesh turns production, have systematic choice even at the same time, popularize admirable cross form a complete set to combine. Cold sheep of whole area small remaining part is in female parent enlarge is numerous go up to already provided certain basis, will put working emphasis in henceforth undertake through reforming economic cross raises quality and benefit to go up. The method such as insemination of labour of carry choose and employ persons, the heredity that uses much fetus of female parent of cold sheep of small remaining part is characteristic, combinative this locality is actual, the cross that chooses to suit place sets pattern, with Duosaite, Sa Fuke, cling to Bei Eryang of beautiful flesh sheep, Hulun, Wuzhu the breed of thoroughbred flesh sheep such as sheep of Mu Qin sheep, Su Ni spy, improve hotpot quality, raise raise fodder pay, increase breed benefit.
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