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Think to what industry of sheep of Inner Mongolia flesh grows
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3.4 rely on rich advantage, develop green hotpot property
Should make full use of Inner Mongolia the forage grass resource of natural, free from contamination and unique geographical qualification, make prairie brand greatly, natural brand, strategy of executive famous brand. Each district is essential close around local advantage breed, develop fleshy sheep property energetically, raise the modernization that raises a sheep, intensive to change a standard. The area is produced to choose city of county of a few keys in the advantage, build sheep of a batch of flesh to produce demonstrative base, summary and the new mechanism that explore base of industrialization of development flesh sheep, new measure, new form, drive health of industrialization of sheep of whole area flesh to develop.
3.5 build modern hotpot to produce base
In wide Fan Jin travel cross sets the foundation of the experiment, compare through choosing, the optimal hotpot that builds different and natural zoology and economic area to have distinguishing feature each produces a system. Include to plant ovine breed and supply a system, raise standard and feed to supply combination of system, effective cross to reach its to use structure of period of system, optimal fatten and fatten means, optimal drove, farming herd to be united in wedlock layout and produce, for, sell service system to wait. Organize hotpot production to be able to raise hotpot yield significantly by this system or mode, improve hotpot quality, raise economic benefits. On this foundation, designedly is bred grow development is fast, precocity, progenitive strong, flesh uses power productivity tall, feed pay the fleshy Yangxin breed with tall, strong adaptability.

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