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Situation of promotion of breed of sheep of Min county flesh is favorable
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The message that comes from Min county to publicize a ministry in recent years, min county bans herd to delimit area rotation grazing rests with seal a moutain pass herd is chance, carry out the circle that abandon raise to raise energetically, integrated each capital, give aid to dimensions raises ovine door, make situation of fleshy sheep breed favorable.

To popularize ovine normal temperature energetically test-tube technology, min county is in Mei Chuan, on the west 9 villages and towns such as a depressed place of stockaded village, horse built 12 sheep normal temperature test-tube station, introduce the contented that do not have horn to surpass the special, Tekesaier, thoroughbred sheep such as Du Bo, introduce 3 north to plant at the same time ram, use guide the method of cross, reformed the manufacturing function of Min county black sheep. Carry capital attraction channel, existing infrastructure and rich forage grass material are used in area of garden of animal husbandry of zoology of nest coming back resource, always believe limited company tripartite of female employment of hill of fleshy food company, Min with Shaanxi joint-stock group builds established the Gansu Province to always believe thoroughbred sheep field, investment builds standardization warm canopy 420 thousand yuan 1000 square metre. Investment is introduced 2.4 million yuan raise 500 blooded goat of Er of cold sheep of small remaining part, wave, Sa can suckle the thoroughbred flesh sheep such as the goat, the form that sends a mother to return kid ” with “ is in stockaded village presses down Tian Jiabao village to put in Sa to be able to suckle a goat on the west, red cliff village is pressed down to put in Sa to be able to suckle a goat in Pu Ma, undertake rolling developing, those who realize farmer and enterprise is double win. In the meantime, company of animal husbandry of Min county green hill invests 1 million yuan, introduce the thoroughbred Tao Sai that do not have horn special 95, du Boliang is planted sheep 145, declare city class actively thoroughbred sheep field, for fleshy sheep breed promotion job removed active bibcock to drive action. (Ma Haixia)