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Inner Mongolia is unconscious ovine trade provision is known as Chinese type " M
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In peak of extensive network bare on October 24 message (Shao Dongmei of reporter of stage of peak of bare of reporter Zheng Ying) in order to produce sheep of instant-boiled mutton, rinse the hotpot of miscellaneous, airing Inner Mongolia that give priority to is unconscious limited company of ovine trade food, make standard of Weng Niu spy not only farming enterprise of ” of bibcock of “ of animal husbandry industrialization, and the product sells as far as to Beijing, Shenzhen, Kunming, Dalian, Qingdao, Harbin to wait for ten big in city, the product is far from the consumer of the prairie praise for ” of Mcdonald's of Chinese type “ .

Unconscious the company held water 1998, be in order to breed, scientific research development, production, sale organic kid flesh and “ are unconscious the modernization that product of high-grade hotpot deep treatment gives priority to in ” card civilian battalion enterprise. In recent years, this company according to “ company association the industrialization of farmer ” runs mode, built annual but the field of fatten of kid of high grade cross that breed has machine kid 100 thousand times, with the 100 million 5000 many farming herd that joins 10 brazilwood such as grass of river of official garrison post, lantern, town, field door the interest community that built mutually beneficial mutual benefit, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence. The company has the international that Australia imports to precede full automatic, intelligence turns production line, established the center of food research and development that by trade center expert and researcher form with institute of food of Chinese agriculture college. Hold to craft and the road that the product innovates, increase the development strength of new product ceaselessly, the “ that company development develops is unconscious edible of product of series of ” rinse kid convenient, nutrition is delicate, initiated brand-new hotpot food category, fill the market is blank, use the distinctive and novel, country patent that reflects prairie culture amorous feelings modelling of “ yurt ” is packed, the product appears on the market to get of broad consumer love, north and south of rapid fashionable great river, have the honor to win ” of award of food of innovation of “ of fair of food of the 7th whole nation and the 3rd northeast early or late ” of award of innovation of organic product of first “ of ” of award of salable production of “ of exposition of area international agriculture, China, obtain Man Tangcai on Fair of produce of the 5th China International, ” of Mcdonald's of “ of type of the China that be called. This company is in obtain “ Nei Monggol Autonomous Region to innovate continuously ” of 50 strong companies and “ Inner Mongolia civilian battalion enterprise after title of 100 strong ” , crossed whole town very quickly the range that sales revenue exceeds 100 million yuan of enterprises. Kid flesh feeds the development of convenient series food namely, for Chi Feng industrialization of city flesh sheep is managed offerred capacious development prospect.
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