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Qingyang City Gansu Province made Huachi new breakthroughs in the development of
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November 2003, Qingyang City, Gansu Province, the full implementation of the grazing prohibition Huachi, resulting in significant decline in sheep herds, forestry, animal husbandry have become increasingly prominent. In order to explore the grazing prohibition, under the protection of the ecological environment, and actively develop new ways of animal husbandry in 2005, the county government in a wide range Jina opinion, a comprehensive look at counties, conscientiously sum up experiences and lessons, rigorous analysis and appraisal of Based on the proposed "broad grass, homes feeding, changing livestock, adjusting structure, small groups, large-scale" and "over the mountain grass, thousands of families raising livestock," the way of development, the upgrading of the livestock industry, the county " during "the three main pillars of industries, to mention increasing efforts to develop the livestock industry has seen rapid development. In 2007, the county government has made "building on Long livestock county" decided to bring the county into 15 townships southwest of beef cattle, northwest of goats, pigs in northern, southern and eastern ecological chicken Rex V. a breeding area, optimizing the structure, build brands, enhance efficiency. In 2009, the county government to seriously implement the provincial government "on the income of farmers start six actions to promote the implementation of the program" based on the requirements, combined with the actual county will determine the cashmere goat breeding shed for the rural economy One of the leading industries in order to "hill and dale planting alfalfa, meat and wool sheep breeding shed thousands of families" as the push model, formulated in 2009 -2012 the development of animal husbandry in the county building sheep county development plan, the establishment of Leading Group of the livestock industry, livestock industry and rural economy, management by objectives included assessment of the main content, strengthen leadership, and strengthen measures in the capital, so give it preferential policy support to the gradual development of the county to the intensive livestock , modern direction. After years of practice and exploration, Huachi summed up in the grazing prohibition, protection of ecological conditions, the development of feeding sheep, sheep of the county build a new mechanism. Both: County Livestock Technical Service Center was established, mainly in meat and wool sheep breeding improvement, Yuandigezuo research, demonstration and extension of farming techniques, animal husbandry training, sales marketing, etc., for the provision of quality scale sheep farm sheep meat, wool and new varieties of new technologies; the township building at the scale of the layout of administrative villages sheep farm, farming for the majority of farmers to provide technology demonstration, disease control, technical training, to resolve difficult issues such as breeding. Through the "County Livestock Technical Service Center - Township scale sheep farm - farmers" will be distributed to millions of households dependent households, sheep farm effectively link together to respond to market, improve breeding efficiency, so that households gradually scale sheep and specialization.

In concrete work, paid particular attention to the following main aspects:

One building caught feeding sheep families, changing feeding. County adhere to the "hill and dale planting alfalfa, meat and wool sheep breeding shed thousands of families" as the push mode, the provincial animal husbandry action projects and poverty alleviation at the village level projects, "321" Industrial enriching projects and promote the old province sheep and other projects will be bundled with the implementation of poverty alleviation, in accordance with the "feeding stalls for, good variety, good quality forage, forage processing equipment," the standard construction of four sheep supporting families, the county built 30 specialized villages sheep, sheep district standardized 9, the development of feeding sheep households 7200. Stalls for building adhere to the "local conditions, crude, affordable" principle, 15 per breeding ewe basis, stalls for an area of 30 square meters, to ensure that the sheep have enough venue. Cultured species and sheep mainly goats mainly goats, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia cashmere goats, sheep have Han sheep, Dorset, Suffolk, continue to sheep and farmed out the low efficiency of soil varieties. At the same time, strengthened Longdong goat breeding of new varieties, nurturing headed brand with local characteristics. Working in accordance with the abandoned farmland grass and grass, and grass around the established village ideas, adhere to the "easy to manage, easy to use" principle, to expand alfalfa acreage, number of new species and transformation of the old crop of alfalfa in 5 acres or more. 1 acres of alfalfa by sheep are, sheep household were planted over 15 acres of alfalfa are to ensure that the demand for forage breeding shed. Ammoniated silage pits 12,759 built. Guide farmers to use silage, forage ammoniation to improve the utilization of straw, and change resources for the benefit advantage.

Second, grasp the scale sheep farm building, change the mode of production. Take County Livestock Technical Service Center to establish the township to establish and operate the scale of farms and farm-scale sheep farmer-led development, county, township and farmers to achieve effective docking. County Livestock Technical Services center is to carry out the introduction of fine varieties of sheep breeding, breeding technology demonstration and extension, training, livestock research, production and market development, the establishment of the county sheep associations, for the farms (households) to provide market information such as production, operation and service . The township to the administrative village as a unit, to establish and operate the scale sheep farm, sheep farm sheep led the establishment of village associations, led development of sheep farmers and sheep cell, from the seed supply, technical guidance, disease control, breeding and other production processes as sheep farmers with services, from hair sales, sheep transferred out, slaughter sheep for the sheep farmers and other sectors to provide distribution services to farmers will be distributed to millions of households to effectively link together to form a community of interests, joint response to the market, the real formed a leading cooperative + + base model of development, and gradually to specialized production and industrial management forward.

Third, grasp the leading enterprises in construction, transition mode of operation. By changing concepts, innovative ideas, adhere to Yikaifangcu development, with the industry cited the project, doing everything possible to attract foreign participation in industrial management of sheep. Investment of 4.1 million yuan to establish and operate a set of high-quality cashmere goat breeding species, breeding technology promotion, Yuandigezuo research, brand innovation, technology training, with five major functions in one of the leading enterprises in the county. Investment in livestock through the park to establish and operate a thriving Liaoning cashmere goat breeding farm Gaizhou Huachi breakout, sheep farmers adjust for the county share a platform.

Fourth, the scientific and technological innovation, and change the growth mode. The county always adhere to the scientific and technological Xingmu strategy, increasing livestock Branch input, has launched a large-scale livestock knowledge training 5 times, hire West Agricultural University, Lanzhou University, Gansu Agricultural University and other institutions more than twenty experts and professors, of the county rural cadres, technicians, owners of large-scale breeding farm families a practical technical training, training of personnel 1 million or more. 30 livestock organizations to send professional and technical backbone of the farming business owners and leaders in charge of the township to go to West Agricultural University to attend the training for 30 days. Employ any of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the West following the week of Agricultural University, Lanzhou University, Gansu Agricultural University professors and experts of 15 provinces, municipalities and 12 county leaders took part in the livestock industry forum for the county livestock industry development, "feel the pulse of evolution." Meanwhile, building networks, promoting marketing, County Livestock Association and established the county's 15 towns Livestock Association and the cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits four professional associations, and built a new castle park and the city of two million livestock Technical Service Center, forming a "leading with farmers, district to build a base, the Association hit the market" to develop new mechanisms for livestock. County Agricultural University has signed with the West and efficient farming and goat rearing Rex efficient aquaculture research project, the county treasury funds out of 300,000 yuan, employing well-known experts and professors of West Agricultural University field research and work. Livestock technical service center built at the county level two, as the County Animal Center's research institutes Yuandigezuo experimental base, some level of domestic livestock with leading the development of new models, new ideas and new technologies will be here to demonstrate to the county and even by to promote the city, the county is a demonstration site for the development of modern animal husbandry and extension station.