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Net profits of the Chinese sheep sheep sheep feeding beef cattle in Henan
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Large-scale cattle and sheep breeding livestock, Shandong Sunshine breeding bases located in Shandong Province, the heart of livestock areas of Jining City Jiaxiang County, Shandong technical and economic strength of the animal husbandry base allocation, the base experience rich, powerful male Thick, the company covers an area of 588 acres, cultivation area covers an area of 518 acres, is the breeding stock Jining larger species than the whole, stronger, "animal husbandry leading business model." In 2000, the Ministry of Agriculture as "National Focus on the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises, "is the preferred research internship Shandong Agricultural University units. The base of the Institute is to set up breeding stock to recruit renowned experts at home and abroad as a full-time technical staff 8 varieties of cattle and sheep for the various species of livestock miscarriage, multiple births breeding, meat quality improvement, such as a number of embryo transfer. Perennial supply of various high-quality beef cattle, sheep, species of cattle, sheep, Luxi cattle, beef cattle improvement of Simmental, Charolais cattle, Limousin cattle, Holstein, David Han sheep, goats, improved Education fat calves , A small bullock, Jia Ziniu, help children cattle, heifers, purebred Boer goats, Nanjiang Yellow, lamb, pregnant ewes. Fattening sheep and other quality livestock. My field adaptable varieties, disease hardy, fast growing, resistant to Extensive, high efficiency, by the love of farming throughout the country. Poverty alleviation through local livestock annually transferred to the country's seed sector cattle, beef cattle, sheep, sheep, cows more than hundred thousand only (head), so that thousands of farmers become prosperous, a The four quarters, purchase of cattle and sheep merchants flocked to cattle and sheep Gouxiaoliangwang, sales range of radiation throughout the country, high quality varieties to the nationally known reputation. Pledge: 1, I guarantee that cattle and sheep breeding farm of the variety and quality (the quality of the contract signed.) If it occurred during the real ones in the introduction to the case of poor excellent charge customers for all the losses borne by my field. 2, the selection process, the customer free to buy at the venue, for the purpose of customer satisfaction. 3, the selected cattle and sheep, all for livestock breeding stock certificate issued by the Board, a license to do an animal six procedures. 4, my field of professional and technical personnel guard, sent home delivery, road casualties, the loss borne entirely by my site. 5, I farm to provide dedicated transport vehicles, large amount of free home delivery, and presented a chaff cutter. 6, cattle and sheep led by a government department business volume, you can cash on delivery and free home delivery! 7, the laid-off workers, teachers, retired cadres, township government helping and supporting the object, relevant documents can offer. 8, free to teach scientific farming techniques, training of technical personnel (limited to 1-3 people), giving information on farming technology and CD-ROMs. 9, the regular customers for the purchase of cattle and sheep disease prevention, and technical guidance to ensure the credibility of cattle and sheep health and my field. In recent years, the base outside the province to provide livestock to all kinds of good cattle, sheep up to tens of thousand only (head), Holstein, Simmental, Limousin, fattening bull calves, etc. transported to the country ten thousand 20 provinces and cities Area around the livestock thrive on, played a catalytic role, and achieved good economic and social benefits. The development of meat cattle and sheep farm purposes: for all customers, farmers sake, do pre-sales, after-sales technical guidance.