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Shunyi held the third pig, sheep breeding sheep experts Competition --- China F
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In order to "third Shunyi, Beijing Agricultural Exhibition" during the show Shunyi better breeding, sheep breeding industry success and image, and strengthened external cooperation and exchange, while continuing to promote to build "cis pigs" and "shun Olympic kinds of sheep, "the two regional brand to promote the region's pigs, sheep industry to a higher level, September 24 -27 May, Shunyi District, held its third" Shun Olympic Cup "stud tournament and the" cis Cup "pig boutique fair, and high-level forum organized by the National Sheep experts. According to the organizing committee, Shunyi District, and throughout the country's 27 pig farms in the 250 pigs will be live demonstrations, competitions, variety shows for the Large White, Landrace, Duroc, Pietrain four species of adult boars, sow; Moreover, according to the participating field competition at home during the auctions breeding situation, the price, sales of identified breeding swine Standard King Award, Best Choice Award pig, pig sales champion awards three prizes. Invitation to participate in sheep from all over the country's 25 200 sheep, there are varieties of Texel, Suffolk, Poll Dorset, Boer goats and other species of rams, ewes, four breeds The ram, ewe all kinds of Ping Chu, a gold, silver one. Expert Forum in sheep, experts, professors will present situation of sheep industry, trends, problems, related to support policy speech.