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Account for the sheep husbandry in Shandong Fung Wah launched the "triple prot
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At present, Shandong Province, the largest and most formal of the Boer goat breeding base in Small Tail Han sheep "sheep husbandry base in Shandong, Feng-Hua" (www.sdfhyzc.com) in the first to introduce "variety, quality assurance," the buyer protection scheme based On that basis, re-launched the "triple protection" system, from the buyers point of view, in the pre-sale consulting, purchase process, three aspects of transportation services related to the interests of the buyer to make protection of animal husbandry to enhance the Shandong Feng -Hua Based service quality and buyer satisfaction. According to statistics, Shandong, cattle and sheep continued emission of large and small have been as many as hundreds of websites every family, so many sheep website, providing the sheep quality inevitably mixed. The industry believes that the current germplasm produced Capacity problems are less well known, small-scale intermediaries engage in individual suppliers, intermediaries such scale and variety of resources due to their own limitations, in cooperation with our customers provide quality comparison Boer goat breeds Poor, in the event of disputes after the sale is difficult to solve the problem in a short time, to the detriment of the economic benefits to the buyer. So, who introduced sheep, the sheep farm house in the choice of the time factor should not be the most concerned about the price is too low, but should be home market integrity and quality of sheep, and after-sales service capabilities. To do this, "Shandong Fung Wah sheep husbandry base," pushing "triple protection" for the farmers to build "satisfactory" platform. Triple core security is "pre-protection, protection of the buying process, transport security." Among them, One Security, "pre-protection" means to "Shandong Feng-Hua animal husbandry" counseling clients, Feng-Hua animal husbandry to ensure that tell customers the real price, not reporting false prices to the customer to explain the problem clearly, let Customer White A trip, so as not to delay the purchase of customer's valuable time and money. Second, the "buying process protection" in the entire purchase process "Shandong Feng-Hua animal husbandry" livestock technician will have to follow the guidance of the whole. Livestock technician will be based on the actual situation in a realistic introduction to the customer quality and health of sheep-like species Situation. Once the purchase process quality problems found in sheep, we will promptly adjusted to ensure the quality of the customer to buy sheep. Third, the "transportation service", Shandong Fung Wah sheep livestock purchased for customers to provide transport security, to a certain number, free home delivery will be implemented, the number of requirements not meet the company's customers, shipping will be implemented by Free policy. General animal husbandry to buy sheep in Shandong Feng-Hua 80, the company pledged to animal husbandry in Shandong Feng-Hua free home delivery. Shandong Feng-Hua Feng-Hua head of the farm livestock, said head high, with the Shandong Jining Feng-Hua pastoral livestock species in the growing consolidation of market position, there have been many websites from the interface style, the website domain name to the other parties named The face of "Shandong Feng-Hua animal husbandry," the imitation of the intention of causing consumer confusion, in this, to remind consumers: buy a good stud sheep to go to a regular base, so that customers will be very high breeding efficiency.