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Feng Bao to Science and annual output value of more than one million sheep
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Town Guangfeng Yang Bao Feng is a mind can be more spiritual approach a young farmer, was born in rural areas to small for the wide abundance of goats and forged a bond, the new century, he seized the public Eat a healthy eating style of today's opportunities to changes at all, turning back to the goat breeding industry Guangfeng in the end, when the now widely farmed more than 300 goats, only the rich, more than 100 sheep a year only to provide goods, not only enriched the general public, "table", but also greatly swelled their own "pockets", the annual net income of over 10 million yuan, to become truly local people get rich by breeding the "leading pack." According to an interview to know: Martin to Phoenix from the main breeding industry in 2002, because of his good management and skilled, from the original breeding goats, dozens of Guangfeng started, the farming scale snowball snowball up his pay more attention to economic science culture, the investment will not only allow more than 30 million live goat Guangfeng new "building", but also its eat the "foreign food", such as transfer to the farmers planted 30 acres of land the United States ryegrass, his utilization of waste into biogas digesters playing, the use of sheep manure as a raw material gas, gas cooking and lighting, biogas residue as organic fertilizer is best types of ryegrass, ryegrass species of good and feed the sheep, planting a virtuous cycle and reduce the cost to his scientific Tian Pei Sheep confidence, due to the Yang She first class environmental health is good, plus feed Tuyangjiehe (ryegrass and sweet potato vine, sweet potato residue, such as mixed rubbish to eat) to goats appetites, both healthy growth and long fat fast, he slaughter goats and more than 100 this year only, the average price of 1,000 yuan each, to create value more than 100 million, excluding all expenses were a net profit of more than 10 million.