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Put into operation the largest base of Chuzhou sheep
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Recently, the largest sheep Chuzhou base located in the town of Chase, Chase Village, Tianchang. The breeding base to the "company + farmer" mode of development, at present, the town of Sheep Chase base has driven more than 2000 only, but with more than 200 farmers signed a letter of intent. Completion of the base will further promote the development of Chuzhou sheep. According to reports, the base of green food by the investment company in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, is Tianchang the first industries to relocate livestock enterprises. Base area of 150 acres, with a total investment of more than 3,800 yuan, the main sheep breeding promotion, into sheep farming, recycling. Yang She has been standardized building of 45,000 square meters, more than 6,000 breeding sheep only. Construction of farm management practices in accordance with the requirements of standardized breeding areas, strict quarantine procedures, and establish breeding files, to ensure pollution-free green products. It is reported that processing of these green products are exported to Hong Kong and other markets will b