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Sheep of cold sheep of small remaining part abandons building standard
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The ground asks dry, level off, facilitate clear. Use clay area commonly, facilitate go expressing change new, but easy moisture of face of this cultivate land, disinfect not easily. Indoor area demand is more tallish than the ground outdoor, in case rainwater flows backward.
Wall of wall brick stonewalling or earthy wall all but. Can decide according to local situation and economic condition, height is 2 ~ commonly 3 meters, cold area is some smaller, the area with high air temperature but some taller.
Door window door is 1.5 meters or so wide, 1.8 meters or so tall; The area of the window is general bigger (lambing room but somes small) , in order to facilitate ventilated, specific area can be decided according to climate condition of place, windowsill leaves the area 1 ~ 1.2 meters. Yang She should take shelter from the wind exposed to the sun, approach source of water.
The playground should be set outside playground Yang She, the height of enclosure is 1.2 ~ 1.5 meters, the 2 ~ that the area abandons for the sheep 2.5 times. Relief Ying Xiangna tilts a bit, the ground with easily the arenaceous qualitative soil of catchment had better.
Area sheep of Yang She abandons due and ample area, in order to facilitate sheep swing. Of every sheep cover an area of an area to should not accumulate under the following face: Lambing ewe is 1.1 ~ 2 square metre, kind ram is 6 square metre of 4 ~ , small ram to be 0.7 ~ 1 year old of 0.9 square metre, Yo are 0.7 ~ into ewe 0.8 square metre, 3 ~ in June age kid is 0.4 ~ 0.6 square metre.