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Kind ovine standard
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Head head is able-bodied, have big and docile brown double eye. Roman bazoo. When 4 teeth must complete be identical, 6 teeth above may have 6 millimeter to highlight. Contend gradually hind curved, and should as far as possible round and hard, look is dark. Ear expanse, smooth and length moderate. The flaw that should eliminate: The forehead is sunken, too straight or horn is too compressed, ear is knitted, outstanding and too short.
Neck and before human body neck grows moderate, say with body length photograph. Sternal should wide, have one deep and wide prothorax. Humeral ministry should much muscle, as proportional as the body. Foreleg length is medium, show scale with body length, the leg is short and able-bodied, and the place is proper. The flaw that eliminate: The neck is too long, too fine or too short, humeral ministry is flabby.
Body ideal due one long, deep and broad body human body. Open business meatily rib and waist are proportional, back expanse is flat, humeral hind does not show stricture. The flaw that eliminate: Back caves, rib opens business undesirable, humeral hind shows columnar shape or stricture.
Hind ministry of human body Kao is wide and long, muscle of ministry of ham, Kao is plump, uneven. The flaw that eliminate: Kao ministry too short or cock is too tall, leg too long or Kao is too smooth.
Limb arms and legs is sturdy the structure is fine, muscle is too much person belong to blame ideal model. Alleged and sturdy arms and legs is to point to strong, adaptability is strong, this is wave Er goat's main main feature. The flaw that eliminate: X shape limb and outside curved limb, the limb with too fine or too much flesh. Genu ministry is weak, outward or hoof needle is inward.
The skin and by Mao Song's soft skin, have enough cervical with bosom drape, it is with ram especially very, this is a main feature. Eyelid and coloured of the part that do not have wool are, skin of the glabrous below end is due the pigment area of 75 % , kind the sheep is ideal with the pigment of 100 % . Wool short luster. A few nap are helpful for be able to bear or endure get hiemal chill. The flaw that eliminate: Be grown by Maotai and thick, downy and too much.
Sexual organs ewe: Mammary structure good, have not less than two functional sex tits. Permission blemish: If cannot see the tit is detached, but have opening of two secrete breast; Double tit: Part of one's job of before 50 % leaves. Ram: There are two bigger, normal, structures in a scrotum good the spermary with coequal size. Scrotal circumferential do not be less than 25 centimeters. The flaw that eliminate: The tit is string of shape, calabash shape or double tit. Small spermary, scrotum has the gap that is more than 5 centimeters.
The goat with body good look is white, head and ear are palm red, forehead and ministry of bridge of the nose have a wider Bai Mao, the skin is sufficient and chromatic, kind two side remove ram head there is a diameter at least outside ear ministry the brown spot of 10 centimeter, the palm gules area that ear should have 75 % at least and likewise proportional skin are chromatic.
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