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Argali social status is high domesticate benefit is good

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Argali body is like an ass greatly, body length of grown hero sheep amounts to 1.7 rice, shoulder height 250 kilogram of 1.2 rice, weight. Male Yang Jiao is brawny, about 1.5 meters long, submit helix form, upper part of small outward side becomes warped, corneous and hard, smooth, show brown brown. Horn is handicraft of world precious exhibition. Female Yang Jiao submits hook form, about 0.5 meters long. Hair color connects yellow of body shallow palm, abdominal Huang Bai is lubricious, ear is small, end is short, hip is reached to all be white at the back of limb, there is one brown line above end. Basically wait for fireweed with Hao of division of gramineous, nutgrass flatsedge, cloth with soft nap to feed. Its constitution force of hale, disease-resistant is powerful, recreant be afraid of Jing, inspect, aural acumen, disposition is docile, alert, be apt to runs.

Officinal value

Argali flesh can the dispel evil, god that control essence of life sexual disease. Fatigue of leather filling empty. Horny dispel cold detoxify, treat the high fever that contagion causes. Lung treats menstruation not to move the little abdominal pain that cause and pneumonia. Bravery bright eye, treat weep with the wind. Pith is used at inadequacy of yin and yang, lung of profit of gas of benefit blood arteries and veins, beneficial, raise colour, except scar. Lungs of lacteal embellish heart, the fatigue that treat theory, diabetic. Placenta treats woman disease to wait.

Domesticate point

Build abandon should choose to be far from the quiet place with evenness of urban highway, relief, dry, ventilated exposed to the sun, good drainage. The circle is abandoned should sit south the Northern Dynasties, broad playground all around set two meters tall crawl or enclosing wall, domesticate one is planted argali needs mobile space 200 square metre, grow a tree to plant careless, one horn sets crib and cistern.

The argali that domestication will catch, use to its inject sheep above all triplex and vaccinal 1, take anthelmintic at the same time, brush " destroy cootie is clever " . Put next 2.2 meters long, 1 meter wide, 1.7 meters tall in wooden basket, forbidden strange sound, miscellaneous person wears beauty clothings to appear, its are scared and cause in case traumatic reach should stimulate a phenomenon to cause infection disease and refus to feed. Right now the breeder often should contact fine observation, develop the attachment between person and Yang Zhi, be helpful for domestication, raise, the prevention and cure of management, breed and disease.

Raise administrative feed to want diversification, want time, ration early, mediumly, late to cast everyday hello, ban feed mildewy, metamorphism and poisonous forage grass. Right amount salt, bone dust, vitamin and antiphlogistic drug should be added in feed, furnish to water enoughly, prohibit hollow drink puts clear water on the ice, ban feed dewy green grass and bird's-foot, cause abdomen to bilge in case, put an end to fright. Breeder Yao Qinqing is circle, diligent disinfection, diligent check-up, see the eyes, see excrement and urine, treat appetite, condition seeing fat, discover the problem is solved in time, in case disease is given priority to, enhance body immunity power, ensure survival rate.

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