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A collection of selected specimens of high grade new breed: On the west farming

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Look, today's leading role embark upon a political venture. They are called Xi Nongsha to be able to suckle a goat.

Cao Bin cloud: This group of Xi Nongsha can suckle a goat is hard-earned really, through our university 50 old elaborate seed selection, those who breed successful high grade high yield to suckle a goat is thoroughbred.

Xi Nongsha can suckle lubricious whiteness of wool of goat whole body, the figure is tall, identify very easily on appearance.

Wei Zhijie: We sum up it to have 5 chief characteristics, one is this build slender, more delicate. Additionally its ear is longer, its neck is flat long, its back is smooth long, its limb is to grow continuously.

Xi Nongsha can suckle a goat is grow beautifully not just, the yield that more important is it suckles a quantity tall.

Wei Zhijie: You see its breast, circumference, the size is large. You resemble this kind of goat of general breed, its yield that produces per year grandma quantity one year suckles a quantity is many kilograms 500, we this goat produced grandma quantity to achieve many kilograms 1000.

The expert says nearly ten years to come they combine molecular mark technology and groovy breeding technology, accelerated Xi Nongsha to be able to suckle goat breeding process, will produce per year grandma quantity to raise 800-1000 by 779 former kilograms kilogram, this level had achieved international advanced level.

To high grade grandma goat breed, the crop of bare breasts is returned high be no good, the character of the grandma also is close friends, so how can Xi Nongsha suckle the ovine milk that the goat produces to taste?

Consumer: This grandma seems to be not drunk give what smell of mutton.

Consumer: This flavour has been held out.

Consumer: Is this milk, how not quite resemble.

We asked ten bearing to taste early or late, some does not differentiate to go out even those who drink is ovine grandma, olfactory of this sheep grandma is sterling it is thus clear that. Current, the market share that the sheep suckles is less than 5% . There is a goat to suckle scale of production inside this small wait for a variety of reasons, among them the smell of mutton that a main reason comes from a sheep to suckle. And the expert says should produce the high grade goat with a sterling gust to suckle, outside the treatment craft besides the ovine system that should have cleanness and science, more important is to should have an admirable variety. This shows, xi Nongsha can suckle a goat to have very big market to develop prospect.

The adaptability that Xi Nongsha can suckle a goat is very strong, better feed, must notice when breed ewe breeds in secrete the feed of key period matchs nevertheless. Secrete breeds initial stage wants to be given priority to with high grade forage grass, master product and juicily feed neatly feed a volume. In postpartum milk of 40 days fills 30 days of ~ period, except feed everyday hold weight high grade hay mixes 1.5 % of 1 % ~ a certain quantity of outside product, should feed ensiling feed, green grass and partial tuber root tuber more as far as possible kind feed, in order to produce a high quality sheep milk.

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