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Heibei breeds first our country tube successfully to suckle a goat

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Xinhua net Shijiazhuang on June 21 report (reporter Yang Shouyong) the reporter learns from Heibei agriculture college, our country first in January age young kid exceeds two grandmas goat 5 tube with a strange place suckle a goat, respectively on June 14, 15 days save grass of experiment of research center of technology of project of embryo of flocks and herds to be born successfully in Heibei. The platform of technology of the embryo outside using young kid to exceed a technical plant to change manufacturing system that this indicates the province already built a Heibei to have own intellectual property, in animal embryo biology technology studies the respect fetchs significant gain.

At present these 5 kid grow growth is good. This one achievement is by Heibei farming use research center of technology of division courtyard and project of embryo of Heibei province flocks and herds greatly the task group that Sang Runzi, Tian Shujun, Professor Li Xianglong leads is finished.

In recent years, the task constituent that the person such as Professor Sang Runzi comprises was not assumed " the sheep is efficient exceed platoon and seminal fluid to save technical research and promotion " and " research of technology of grandma goat breed and set an example " two tasks research. In September 2007, they obtain first our country sheep successfully (Du Han cross) 3 when young kid exceeds a platoon " test tube sheep " . Subsequently, they begin to undertake young kid exceeds the experiment research of the platoon suckling a goat again, right in January age grandma goat (LG date) young kid, with reproductive hormone solid to its Shi Chao counts oviposit, the immature oocyte that collects egg to obtain via live body has the maturity outside body, collects grandma the goat is planted ram seminal fluid and mature oocyte undertake external fertilization, inchoate embryo is fostered outside classics body again, 4 when give classics the corresponding period be in heat at transplanting 16 inchoate embryo on January 20 suffer body ewe, every transplant only 4 inchoate embryo, make two sheep accepting put oneself in another's position gravid, produce below 2 to mix 3 at parting with 15 days on June 14 this year " test tube suckles a goat " .

According to expert introduction, this technology makes kid in January age oviposit, in June age can do " mom " , can be dug adequately not only and use admirable dam inchoate and progenitive latent capacity, shortened greatly for generations is removed, accelerate Yo to become a process, and for animal clone, turn the oocyte that the embryonic project such as gene studies to offer place to need and embryonic origin, promote the development of embryonic project, also suckle a source to expand at the same time, solve the inadequacy that suckle a source, offerred a new technical approach.

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