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Sheep of bone of black of orchid level ground is planted group get be protective

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The reporter learns from bureau of pasturage of county of orchid level ground, yang Congbin of bone of black of breed of pasturage of local precious rare special type is faced eradicate development to arrive at present entire county amount of livestock on hand 605, got be protectived effectively. To develop characteristic breed aquatics the industry provided basis of unripe species source.

Black bone sheep is a kind of life the precious in two sides of river of angry river, billows dark blue is rare breed of birds of half wild domestic animal, at going up 80 time are in the century churchyard of Lan Ping county discovers its Proterozoic. This kind of sheep is hale and lofty, the flesh is qualitative delicious contain a lot ofamino acid, the biggest characteristic is bone pitch-black, it is the nice variety that develops characteristic property. Through in last few years research makes clear as a result, because gene mutation is caused,sheep of bone of black of orchid level ground is, heredity of black bone character is stable, have taller fight oxidation ability and hepatic and alexipharmic ability, because this is right,the research development of black bone sheep has fundamental academic value and good market prospect. Project approving of hall of province science and technology supported the research of sheep of bone of black of orchid level ground 2001.

Sheep of bone of black of breed of rare live thing of good to be done further precious protects kind of development to work, below the support of province, city, county, breed of sheep of bone of black of agricultural integrated development protected county of orchid level ground 2007 the project obtained project approving to examine and approve, this project always invests 100 thousand yuan. Sheep of bone of blooded to 605 when put only black carried out county of orchid level ground to unite buy, unified put in, the Long Tan that knows pasture town in birthplace of black bone sheep, crossbow, Jin Zhu chooses 5 blooded breed door, adopt the measure that borrows a sheep to return sheep, scroll to put in, make blooded breed door the amount breaks up every year one time, hopeful achieves 100 inside 5 years, amount of livestock on hand achieves 10 thousand goal.

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