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E Qi increases the protective strength of goat of white to A fine hair

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To protect and develop Aerbasibai cultivate of advantage of this one place plants goat of cloth with soft nap, cattle of banner of gram of a short slender pointed piece of metal of another name for Hubei province is improved workstation is strict comply with cashmere detects technical regulations and check mark are accurate, to country of origin of goat of A Er Ba Sibai cloth with soft nap the area undertook Wurendouxi the census appraisal of full and accurate.
This goat of census appraisal cloth with soft nap breeds door 87, among them Wurendouxiaersi is stupefied group 26, group of Ha Xiya graph 14, chabujier group 27, su Bi group 20, sheep of appraisal of census of add up to is counted 2. More than 70 thousand, the galley proof that collect cloth with soft nap 4344. The basis is downy and fineness sample result of the analysis shows: Fineness 39 % is occupied under 15 u m , fineness 15, 15. 5 u m occupies 33 % , fineness 15. 51, 16 u m occupies 14 % , fineness 16 - 17 u m occupies 14 % .
The mainest index that decides cashmere wool character and value is fibrous of cloth with soft nap fineness with length, fineness one class cloth with soft nap is under 15 u m , fineness the curiosa in cashmere is being regarded as under 14 u m , fineness the cashmere under 12 u m is used at spin highest grade. Current, cashmere wool of cloth with soft nap has Aerbasibai coarsen trend, should take the breeding target that with raising A Er the quality of breed of goat of Ba Sibai cloth with soft nap gives priority to seriously highly, take effective measures to control the goat of cloth with soft nap that in Aerbasibai goat of cloth with soft nap produces an area to introduce other variety and wool strictly to use a goat, will protect resource of this one admirable breed effectively.

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