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The flesh uses brief introduction of Boer goat function
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Boer goat also is by interpret Burr or bag Er goat, originate in the nice area looking at horn of south Africa formerly. Boer goat is eye preexistence bound go up to be used exclusively by accepted flesh goat breed. In January 1995, our country introduces 25 Boer goats from Germany, raise respectively at Shaanxi, Jiangsu two provinces, already developed many 60 at present, reform through cross this locality goat, preliminary the flesh that showed its are good uses property, get the general welcome of each district, present a very good development prospect.

One, the flesh is white with human body of good system of bodily form construction, the head is red or Brown, have area of wool of a white, neck, bosom, abdomen has red or Brown spot, some whole bodies are palm red. Short or wool be yielded is medium long, burnish is good, without nap. Role is prominent, ear wide prolapse. The bosom is wide deep, boreal waist is flat, rib opens business good, body human body submits drum form, main place muscle is plump, circle of body human body is large and compact, limb is short and strong. Constitution is bigger, grown ram system is expensive 75 - 90cm, body length 85 - 95cm, weight 95 - 110kg, grown ewe system is expensive 65 - 75cm, body length 70 - 80cm, weight 65 - 75kg.

2, be able to bear or endure thick raise, strong Boer goat collects adaptability feeding habits is wide, be good at mountain-climbing happy event collecting feed short straw, burgeon, in bush field of region of medium, desert, a mountainous area brow, barren grass all can be raised.

3, sexual precocity, breed leads tall, use fixed number of year to grow Boer goat maturity of commonner goat sex is early, progenitive lead tall, lambing much, use fixed number of years is long. Run-of-mill ripe age is Boer goat in June age, every 2 produce per year 3 embryoes, lambing rate is 160% - 220% , great majority is much kid, 60% for double kid, 15% for 3 kid, can use 10 years, and oestrus of the four seasons.

4, inchoate grow unripe kid is speed again at the beginning of quick Boer buck 3 - 4kg, fair kid of weightening finish of the eve that break breast is 192 - 380g, mother kid is 192 - 319g; Break breast to weigh (106 days) fair kid is 23.4 - 41.5kg, mother kid 22.5 - 33.0kg; Fair kid of weightening finish of the day after breaking breast is 74 - 168g, mother kid is 46 - 125g, boer goat in June age can achieve 30kg weight to give column to appear on the market, the ideal breed that is considered as unripe lambing hotpot.

5, performance yield the pulp is good

1. flesh has pledged. Boer goat body is thin and not dry, thick and not fat, colour and lustre is sterling, smell of mutton is small, juicily and fresh and tender.

2. butcher rate is high. The fleshy bone of Boer goat compares for 4.7: 1, bone is occupied only 17.5% . Butcher of thoroughbred and Boer goat leads prep above sheep, and along with age growth heighten, 8 - in October age for 48% , 2 years old age, 4 years old age with 6 years old age time is 50% , 52% with 54% .
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