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Black goat of high grade high yield
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Black goat of Lai overgrown with weeds is good place breed, progenitive rate is high, it is a high yield in Yi Meng's black goat kind group, basically distributing to over grown with weeds in Lai a mountainous area, upland area of city periphery.

Black goat of Lai overgrown with weeds by wool black, bodily form is big and show a rectangle, limb is stocky, the structure is well-balanced, the head is small and comely, on wide below narrow show a triangle. Ram horn is bulky, up, extend upcountry come back, cervical and dumpy, human body develops before, male feature is apparent. Ewe neck is long and thin, before human body is narrower, hind human body growth is good, majority is individual and angular, horn backward upper part is shown twist music shape is extended, end weak point is thin, pointed and on become warped. Produce in the society group in, masses also is raising few share brown by the goat of wool, character is similar, grow faster, cashmere is less.

Performance of breed of black goat of Lai overgrown with weeds is high, be able to bear or endure ability of thick raise, disease-resistant strong, flesh is qualitative delicious, belong to the flesh, skin, cloth with soft nap to hold concurrently with model breed. Come a few years, through group group of seed selection, directional breed, the black buck of has tall progenitive character Lai overgrown with weeds that formed stability is fast numerous strain. Seed selection group via producing ewe double kid rate was achieved 77% , fetal lambing rate is amounted to 178.7% , produce per year kid to lead 311.4% . Ram manhood weight amounts to 46.3 kilograms, produce cloth with soft nap to estimate weight of manhood of ewe of 348.7 grams; 28.9 kilograms, produce cloth with soft nap to measure 203.4 grams. With cross of wave Er goat improved Lai overs grown with weeds kid of fatten of black goat generation, in August age weight 31.7 kilograms, butcher is led 48.9% , clean flesh is led 38.6% .