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Mound spring of mud of health city grow child the town breeds fleshy sheep new b
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Inferior heart net dispatch (reporter Ren Jiang reports) some day, a new breed can appear in the fleshy sheep breed of Xinjiang -- grow mud spring child sheep. This is to mound spring of mud of health city grow child a hope that presses down people.

Now, grow mud spring child person distance dreams this to still have a paragraph of very long way, but these year, they are advancing to this target all the time.

"This year, on the foundation that we work in in former years, build two flesh sheep to reform again demonstrative dot, fleshy sheep reforms the face achieves 60 % above. " grow mud spring child Shihaisheng of secretary of town Party committee introduces.

In recent years, this town is being introduced all the time grow fast, breed leads speed quality of tall, meat is good, the sheep of sheep of the Sa Fu Keyang with butcher high rate, Tao Sai spy, much billow sheep and place undertakes reforming, now, the rate giving the meat that passes improved fleshy sheep already prep above Sa Fuke sheep, achieve 60 % , convert comes down, every flesh sheep can receive 100 yuan of money to control with adding.

Grow mud spring child the garrison post is current already accumulative total reformed sheep of 20 thousand flesh, current, they still are increasing the job with fleshy sheep improved breed, this makes people believes, in the future, appear on Xinjiang market " grow mud spring child sheep " not be to be impossible.

Fleshy sheep breed reforms is grow mud spring only child one of pressing down a lot of job that expands stock raising, the expectation value that they develop to stock raising is very great -- this year, their target is: Be in farming herdsman year in per capita, the contribution that comes from stock raising achieves 2314 yuan, relatively increased 238 yuan 2007.

Shi Haisheng introduces, grow mud spring child the town reforms in domestic animals breed on, besides increase fleshy sheep breed to reform, quicken the pace with beef cattle and milk cow improved breed even.

In the meantime, this year grow mud spring child the town will rely on course of study of Fu Kangyuan birds limited company, build one seat surface to accumulate those who amount to 2000 square metre to breed a village, breed without chicken of egg of commodity of social effects of pollution; With Tai Kun the group cooperates, build village of a fryer breed aquatics, plan 10 to build henhouse, every batches breed a fryer 1.15 million or so; Build pig farm, bright grandma to buy a station to wait even.