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First containing sheep of clone of factor of person liver cell is born
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 Our newspaper Urumqi on October 6 report (reporter Wang Se)Two grow lively and good, lovely small black Yang Zheng builds the thrive in academy of sciences of corps farming cultivate in Xinjiang production. Do not look down upon these two small Hei Yang, they can be first countrywide belts have person liver the turning that rejuvenesce enhances factor gene clone sheep. Since was born in August, they get all the time of people all the more keep an eye on.

Cirrhosis of human body hepatitis, liver is in our country incidence of a disease tall, harm is serious, and the person's liver is amount to is not much after be injured by physics, chemistry can reborn organ. Use liver reborn character to alleviate the virus harm to liver, it is one of heat that second birth of the liver on medicine studies. Seek treatment from hepatic itself of the person serious liverish is effective material, it is the desire that people longs for day and night all the time. Expert of pasturage of large unit of Xinjiang production construction from turn the research proceed with of gene clone sheep, try the turning that through containing person liver rejuvenesce enhances factor the research of gene clone sheep, find enlarge scale of fine stud stock quickly, promote admirable new breed breed, the efficient way that conduces to second birth of human body liver or rehabilitate.

Introduce according to breeding Liu Shouren of academician of expert, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the main innovation dot of these two small Hei Yang depends on, have the area that haemal gene of the person gets in the organization rejuvenesce enhances person liver the gene extract of factor " be in harmony " into " the cell that supply system " . This is to will turn gene and clone technology combination apply at turning the beneficial attempt that gene clone animal produces. And medical expert thinks, if liver ill patient gets from inside ovine grandma rejuvenesce enhances the material of factor containing person liver, can promote the rehabilitate that injures liver cell and second birth, the method of remedial mankind liverish with this a kind of safety, reliable, effective can yet be regarded as.

First countrywide belts somebody rejuvenesce enhances liver the turning of factor of gene clone sheep be born, it is the significant gain of domain of research of technology of biology of large unit of Xinjiang production construction, fill large unit of Xinjiang production construction and even Xinjiang are turning gene clone animal is own the blank of intellectual property respect. Use the technical line that studies positive result and program, can develop corps adequately to actor or actress not only the advantage of thoroughbred qualitative resource, enlarge the scale of fine stud stock quickly, promote new breed breed, raise formation of high grade stud stock and good gene use scale, and can to turn the research of gene biology pharmacy, cure that is liver ill patient offers valuable way.