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Cocoa on the west in Zhuo Naihu discovers antelope of small Tibet of the white t
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People net Xining on October 21 report recently, cocoa on the west in the small Tibet antelope that management board of groove guard of national level nature discovers a white that open system around Zhuo Naihu, solid belong to infrequent.

As we have learned, zhuo Naihu is located in Qinghai cocoa on the west in hinterland of groove guard of national level nature, it is cocoa on the west in all sorts of wild animal center natural groove guard the area that distributing. The small Yang Shang Tibetan antelope of this white is in childhood, the white that open system is very conspicuous. Cocoa on the west in groove guard staff member films in time the kinescope that saved white to hide antelope. White Tibet antelope is very infrequent, below normal circumstance, back Tibetan antelope is shown rufous, abdomen is beige or hoar, grown male hides color of darkly of antelope face ministry, there is black to label on the leg.

According to major of northwest endangered animal researcher expresses, in nature, the shape structure between same species member is very similar, but also can appear now and then different at akin animal individual, it is especially on a color or hair color have apparent difference, quality of this kind of style is unusual individual and general show white, cry again " Bai Hua " animal. The analysis thinks the likelihood is a kind of genetic pathological change that causes as a result of the gene mutation of the animal, namely " Bai Hua disease " . Driven content dietetics will tell, because genetic gene blemish or nutrition are lacked, did not absorb melanin well, cause same species possibly also to appear the phenomenon of different pattern. Current, form Cang Ling " Bai Hua " mechanism still is not clear about, still remain to study further. Still remain to study further..