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Efficient raise a sheep a few hang

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Fleshy sheep is fast fatten can make 2 months give kid column, weight achieves 15 ~ 20 kilogram, survival rate amounts to 98% above. The following tricks of the trade must have been grabbed on administrative technique.

-- the choice is thoroughbred. Choose first-rate cross to combine a sheep namely, make full use of cross advantage increase production. If with Burr the goat waits for male parent, local white goat makes female parent undertake multivariate cross, the meat that education goes uses a goat, have type of build or figure stability of big, genetic function, progenitive function force of tall, disease-resistant strong, rate yield the pulp whiteness of tall, abb, burnish is good, stretch good wait for a characteristic.

-- build a circle to abandon. Build fleshy sheep pen to abandon should accomplish wintry warm Xia Liang, should build in relief tall dry, catchment is drafty, clean healthful place, sit this world of the Northern Dynasties is half slope type, general back wall is 1.8 meters tall, before brim is 2.2 meters tall, peripheral playground, create good surroundings for fatten sheep.

-- raise ewe. Ewe wants to depasture on high grade careless field or hill field, perhaps abandon raise to feed high grade forage grass. In the meantime, everyday every ewe feeds 0.4 ~ 0.7 kilograms mixture concentrated feed. The composition of mixture concentrated feed: Corn 60% , wheat bran 80% , cottonseed cake 16% , the beans dregses of rice 12% , salt 1% , calcium hydrophosphate 3% . Choose kid fatten from kid group in choose individual big, growth is good, collect feed ability the strong, kid that does not have a disease, the fatten after composition ablactations group. Had better choose fair kid, grow because of fair kid fast, did not reach sexual maturity again right now.

-- kid filling raise. Feed of usable cereal makings is tie-in and right amount soja cake (dregs of rice) , also can use mixture concentrated feed, like corn 45% , wheat bran 22% , the beans dregses of rice 30% , salt 1% , fish meal 2% . The concentrated feed of kid feeds a quantity to grow and increase of Sui Yueling. 20 ~ 30 day age, every kid feeds a quantity to be 70 grams of 50 ~ ; 1 ~ Feburary age it is 150 grams of 100 ~ ; 2 ~ March age for 200 grams, daily fill feed 2 times.

-- timely decide remaining part. Kid breaks end to be able to quicken fleshy sheep to grow, improve the flesh qualitative, reduce smell of mutton. Kid in 2 ~ 21 day age all can decide remaining part, but with 2 ~ 7 day age are most appropriate. Break end time to had better undertake in the morning in sunshine. Method: One, glue muscle decides remaining part. Use the rubber muscle with better flexibility, cover in kid 3 end of the 2nd ~ between vertebra, make end bottom cannot get nutrition and atrophic, fall off by oneself namely via 10 days. 2, fast knife decides remaining part. Bind end root with drawstring first, break off hematic current to connect, leave trail with fast knife next 5 centimeters of place cut off 4 ~ , had wrapped up with gauze, that day afternoon, can tether unlock, via 5 ~ 7 days heal namely.

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