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Wave Er goat is planted of ram use with raise

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Science is raised, reasonable use wave Er goat to plant ram, to the production of whole and unborn Yang Qun development and character have conclusive effect.

Kind the sexual expression of ram and the hybridization means that use wave Er goat scientificly basically have two kinds, namely natural and copulatory and test-tube. To raise improved breed rate, adopt test-tube method more.

Otherer goat differs sexual desire of wave Er goat slightly, but the sexual show of ram is earlier, 1-3 month age have angle and climb step an action, but have copulatory behavior and ejaculation capacity truly, be in normally in May age the left and right sides, to June age sexual organs is basic development is mature, but body development is still half-baked, reason is unfavorable hybridization. According to individual development state of affairs, general in October age the left and right sides but right amount collect energy or copulatory. Kind ram begins to collect initial stage of essence of life, had better not exceed twice every week. 1 year old age can throw the production that collect energy formally, collect energy 4 times every week commonly. It is good to raise a requirement, ram constitution is good, the weekly number that collect energy can increase appropriately. Density of ejaculation quantity, spermatozoon reachs spermatozoon survival rate, differ because of the age, constitution, method that collect energy and have a difference. The quantity that collect energy is more intuitionistic, can collect 1 milliliter left and right sides 1 times on average commonly, but it is OK that spermatozoon density and spermatozoon active need to measure ability through relevant instrument witting. Accordingly, test-tube when should science, reasonable use seminal fluid, after the seminal classics that collects commonly is attenuant, can be defeated by essence of life to use for a few ewe.

Kind the science of ram is raised should make kind of ram constitution hale, fat affection moderate, energetic, sexual desire is exuberant and have good seminal fluid character, must strengthen science to raise management, in order to raise the utilization rate of kind of ram, lengthen its to use fixed number of year.

Kind of ram raise, value of requirement feed nutrition is high, the protein with full high grade amount, vitamin and inorganic salt wait, and easy digest, dainty sex is good. Be not hybridization period, time twice everyday feed high grade blueness hay and a few fresh green juicily fodder, every only grown ram is daily at the same time supply total value formula feed 0.5 kilograms. Collect period of essence of life feed of daily supply total value is controlled 0.8 kilograms, had better fill 1-2 of raise unripe egg. Kind ram wants only group to raise, give priority to in order to abandon raise. Happy event of wave Er goat is dry, abandon inside had better make leak floor bed with lumber. Ram depastures everyday the time that joins campaign is 4-6 hour, hold the post of its to be collected freely feed. Move or depasture to be able to carry good type of build or figure not only, enhance disease-resistant ability, and can enhance sexual desire, enhance spermatozoon vigor. It is normal that if plant,ovine sexual desire and ejaculation are measured, and rate of success of be fertilized matrix is inferior, it is the cause with spermatozoon survival rate and seminal poorer quality more, can increase the feed that contains the microelement such as selenium, zinc appropriately. The complement of concentrated feed but the basis is planted the body of ram besides will decide, let ram have abundant energy already, cannot be fed too thinly again or cross fertilizer. Coarse fodder wants proper control, so that carry the type of build or figure with kind of good ram. Want to often observe kind of Yang Jiankang condition, disease of seasonable diagnosis and treatment.

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