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Raise the technical point brief introduction of ovine synergism
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1. Hive off raise feeds: Ovine hive off is specific can divide for common Yang Qun, cross Yang Qun, ram group, ewe group, fair kid group, mother kid group, young ram group, young ewe group, healthy Yang Qun, blame health Yang Qun is waited a moment. In raising a process, give corresponding feed to undertake raise is fed according to the need of period of different sexual distinction, age, physiology, can raise the utilization rate of feed greatly, raise the butcher rate of weightening finish speed of the sheep and fleshy sheep quickly.

2. Time raise feeds: The raise that secures feed namely feeds time, not blind raise is fed. Ask the 24 raise inside the hour are fed commonly 3 come 4 times, every time raise feeds time to secure, every time removed time as far as possible equal, form good conditional reflex in order to be helpful for a sheep, those who be helpful for a sheep collect feed, regurgitation, rest. It is commonly in the morning 6 to 7 when, in the morning 11 to 12 when, afternoon 4 to 5 when, in the evening 9 to 10 when. Specific arrangement time should adjust measures to local conditions, because season is adjusted.

3. Mensurable raise feeds: Feed relatively steady feed volume in the raise inside proper time namely, cannot feed too much temporarily, feed too less temporarily, because feed much create feed waste, feed little the nutrition of insufficient sheep and growth need.

4. Pledge raise feeds surely: The feed that feeds to ovine place namely wants fresh, cleanness, assure quality, nutrient composition should achieve a requirement. Cannot feed cankered, degenerative, mildewy feed and fodder.

5. Tie-in raise feeds: Press a sheep namely collect the variety that eats characteristics, digestive characteristic and feed, character to wait, choose varied raw material to comprise ovine feed, in order to strengthen nutrition complementary, prevent nutrition to be short of break, the influence grows and weightening finish.

6. Ordinal raise feeds: Product is fed after feeding fodder first namely, feed the feed with dainty poor sex first, the feed with dainty good sex is fed after, press namely first the succulence after coarse fodder again the ordinal raise of again juicily feed feeds concentrated feed. The process is fed in raise in, should accomplish feed less add frequently, make a sheep satiate can, do not let fodder press groove to create waste.

7. Adjust raise to feed: the raw material of different type, classics is abluent, mincing, thoroughly cook, after smooth, insolation, undertake necessary treatment modulation again, next again raise is fed, in order to increase ovine appetite, promote digest, achieve then increase nutrition, raise the goal such as dainty sex and precautionary disease.

8. Elaborate raise feeds: Often observe a sheep collect the excrement and urine that feeds sheep of circumstance, observation appearance is amiable flavour, color, observe ovine psychosis. Pass attentive observation, elaborate raise is fed, do well prevent disease to treat a disease wait for the job, feed means according to adjusting feed and raise in time with the circumstance, raise ideal benefit of the sheep in order to obtain.
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