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Technology of ammoniation of ovine feed straw wants a place
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Processing of crop straw ammoniation can increase its nutrition value, show brief introducing its technology point:
Ammoniac source and dosage 5% what urea weighs by dry straw, bicarbonate ammonium is pressed 10% .
Field chooses relief tall dry, the place with good drainage, build cement cellar, 2 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, deep 1.2 meters, requirement cellar wall is not flat, cellar bottom is not slack.
Straw pretreatment adjusts straw water content 30%~40% between, abandon go feculent or the straw that mildew changes.
Outfit cellar can be become to corn stalk bunch statified outfit put, add ammoniac source in proportion, straw to working or make ammoniac source aqueous solution irrigate asperse, straw of every 100 kilogram uses water kilogram of 20 kilogram ~30, the requirement is statified and dependable, treat range of cellar of straw tower above 1 meter when, put into steamed bread form, lest defect becomes hole and seeper.
Seal cellar to use nylon film, edge straw faces the shop side cellar, seal with slimy squeezing ramming next severe.
During managing ammoniation, once film damages, appear flat, should repair in time in order to ensure ammoniation straw quality.
Ammoniation time follows air temperature and decide, 5 ℃ of < , week of 4 weeks of ~8; ℃ of 5 ℃ ~15, week of 2 weeks of ~4; ℃ of 15 ℃ ~30, week of 1 week of ~2; 30 ℃ of > , 1 week the following.
Open cellar to put ammonia to choose sunshine weather to open store sth in a cellar or pit, take out ammoniation straw lay open, insolation airing, put net ammonia, rainwater of avoid by all means is irrigated drench straw, best classics smashs postposition is indoor store.
The ammoniation straw with feeling view good judge, intense of flavour of the ammonia when opening store sth in a cellar or pit is strong, burnt fragrance is shown after putting ammonia, shallow Huang Huohe of colour and lustre is yellow, softness of quality of a material. If have burnt sodden flavour or straw,send sticky nigrescent should abandon.
Raise feeds technical initial stage to feed a sheep to use by arrive less much, skimp is added frequently or mix the method such as makings, make the sheep suits gradually. Additional, because straw nutrient is not complete, should complement feed of right amount viridescence, a few cake are added to dregs of rice in compound kind, use with ensuring those who contain azotic substance is effective.
Feed change should notice cannot abrupt, and due the interim that changes gradually.
Drafty to the requirement summer of ovine bar, prevent cold heat preservation in the winter, maintain ovine handrail dry. Fold a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces installs bamboo bar or batten bar, 2 centimeters wide ~3 centimeter, span 1 centimeter, 40 centimeters tall from the ground ~60 centimeter.
Cent column raises ram and ewe to want to divide column to raise, avoid to match early, excessive matchs.
When feeding water right amount feed salt different season and feed sort, the quantity that feed water somewhat difference, when be like draft grass and tender green grass can be fed less or do not feed; Weather is torrid when feeding hay with winter, should give enough and clean water. Salt can be stomachic, advantageous digest, general everyday every only big sheep feeds salt 10 grams, lamb 5 grams.
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