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A few days ago, demonstrative garden of Qingdao pasturage science and technology plants many 10 blooded Australia ram is given freely to 4 to breed door. This " activity sending a sheep " be begin pasturage of Chinese ink city is thoroughbred and improved namely, reach more raising to use blooded sheep to have benefit of thoroughbred and improved activity ovine door, since this year, the blooded sheep that demonstrative garden will use the pasturage of this city to be introduced from Australia this city sheep of 150 thousand this locality is all and improved.
In signed " kind ram gives agreement " hind, breed door people outside emerging to sheep pen, although they already too impatient to wait, but still cannot hold a sheep in the arms immediately, get, sheep former host wants to be about to go to these of new home " children " basic necessities of life exhorts with new host, "After everybody gets a sheep to go, eat the northeast hay of a week or silage to them according to the dietary standard that be here first, feed other feed again next; The most important is, had undertaken the immunity of 5 sheep pox, disease, shuttle bacterium disease to them before New Year, after going back, everybody must undertake immunity to them then... " subsequently, the sheep that the farmer that comes round to get a sheep values him tells a staff member, hold the sheep in the arms a column by the staff member.
In Du Bo and Sa Fu Kemian Yang Yang encircles an edge, hind the daughter-in-law of horse and foot of Jiang of stockaded village village is raising sheep of domestic person selected, "Can have pure sheep hybridization, we oneself cannot be bought at all so pure. " speak of raise a sheep, this farmhouse woman of guileless was breaking a finger to calculate brushstroke Zhang to us: "My home raised 103 bellwether in all last year, take out cost can earn 300 every year directly multivariate, come down one year light can earn 30 thousand this piece much, there was ram hybridization now, one year every still can earn many 100 money more only. One year every still can earn many 100 money more only..
It is reported, sheep of provisions of 200 when should set an example to want many yuan 60 to give value in all field this year blooded sheep door, use improved variety.
Cui Haiyan

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