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Of ewe be difficult to do aid produce skill
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  One, fetal too big
When fetal too big ewe yields feebly, with hand handholding lamb two forelimb, as ewe exert duty, pull downward gently. Inunction of tincture of iodine should be used after kid yields its hilum is the first, in case hilum is phlogistic.
   2, malposition
block up of the human body after ewe, will fetal show a part to remand, the hand is entered produce, correct position of a foetus, pull evacuation, repeat 3 ~ 4 times can.
   3, note
1. The rubber glove that receives the member that produce to must take classics disinfection (if there is not rubber glove at that time, can trim two tactics nail go burnishing, the hand is put in disinfection 3 ~ immerse 5 minutes in fluid, the vaseline on besmear or paraffin oil) .
2. Receive antenatal, wait to root of the labium of dam, anal, end above all place use suds or bacterium poison is 4000 times smoother fluid is abluent, reoccupy alcohol tampon is disinfected to its.