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The cadre assures farmer of the bridge that wear gold raises Yang Ben well-off

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Fulfil an industry to enrich the people to be carried out effectively 6 big moves, on October 21, china pool county held worker of cadre of “ farmer loan ceremoniously to assure in village of mound of rural area of churchyard tall river ”321“ (prefectural class cadre assures each 3, family level cadre assures each 2, general cadre worker assures each 1, assure every borrow money 3000 yuan) , cadre of 36 counties class is company of couplet of credence of 108 masses spot and county to assure loan 324 thousand yuan.
It is reported, begin from last year, this county has specific aim ground to choose partial farmer to undertake pilot, assure in all loan one million five hundred and fifty-one thousand five hundred yuan, solved 970 farmer to raise question of ovine capital shortage. This year, start entire county again worker of cadre of all administration institution 1610, throw Cheng of “321” industry rich laborer actively, for entire county 2256 masses assure loan 6.768 million yuan, give aid to industry of goat of entire county cloth with soft nap grows.

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