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Technology of goat autumn hybridization wants a place
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The goat's rut is general from in those days the first ten days of a month came in September second year in Feburary. The sexual desire of this moment ewe is general and exuberant, be impregnated rate is high. In those days September, deserved to go up in October kind, second year Feburary, in March but lambing, average gestation is controlled for 150 days.
The opportunity concern of the on any account that goat hybridization be impregnated leads and hybridization is very big. Should accomplish timely hybridization, inside the first rut, hybridization can succeed, mother goat is in commonly 16 days of ~ 20 days of oestrus, every time oestrus lasts period it is 24 hours of ~ 48 hours, oviposit time is in commonly 30 hours of ~ after oestrus begins 40 hours, the optimal time of hybridization should master in 12 hours of ~ after oestrus 24 hours to undertake.
Right cannot on time the ewe of oestrus should adopt the following method, make oestrus.
It is to be in before booking hybridization time half month, kind ram fasten is by ewe, stimulate ewe oestrus.
2 it is to give ewe to feed some of excitant food more, wait like carrot.
3 it is to be below the circumstance with two afore-mentioned invalid methods, use to ewe medication: With motherwort 20 grams, decoct water is right amount, fill is taken. A day, general 1 ~ 2 can oestrus.