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Breed of admirable domestic animals reveals firm examine sale and demonstrative
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Dispatch of Qinghai news network is managed to drive stock raising intensive to change, accelerate new a pasturing area of new rural area to build pace. On September 25, by a definite date breed of first admirable domestic animals reveals firm examine county of two days sale and farming grand meeting that view and emulate of spot of herdsman demonstrative housing can become firm examine prairie. Constitution is hale flocks and herds, rich farming the new residence of animal produce, having a unique style showed firm examine stock raising to develop achievement and farming the great improvement of herdsman living condition.

Reveal on the meeting, come from breed of the 11 actor horse of fine breed of entire county, ox, sheep, in all 507 (, be equal to) domestic animals ginseng is exhibited. Mao Jian of sheep of department of Tibet of ox of Si Tan of yak of Qinghai highland yak, 1/2 wild blood, white yak, carry on one's shoulder, Qinghai, good meat is used model the sheep good brand that makes the outside understood firm examine, saw admirable cultivate plants the firm examine of be worthy of the name. In the meantime, still exhibited hemp of breed of yellow dawdle, white mushroom, rapeseed oil, admirable highland barley, ghee, Chinese caterpillar fungus, brake farming the admirable grazing of animal produce and different breed is planted seed. The has ethical distinguishing feature 6 place that delegate attending the meeting visited to build farming herdsman demonstrative housing.

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In recent years, firm examine county is bred energetically and popularize this locality animal produce of breed of admirable domestic animals, advantage farming, farming animal husbandry job obtained outstanding result. Fair Baozaxi of head of a county of county of firm examine of no less than is said, reveal of the meeting hold, aroused masses study science and technology, application science and technology, raise admirable cultivate, play the characteristic card, glow that takes benefit route. Be helpful for making brand of animal produce advantage, widen sale channel, improve beneficial result of whole of aid of farming herd already, increase farming herdsman income, accelerate stock raising intensive to change manage will rise to urge action actively.

Be in farming spot of view and emulate of herdsman demonstrative housing, representing a prairie to go up the new home of capacious, practical, beautiful, has ethical distinguishing feature contemporary Tibet home of newest generation, the person that let each visitting is very admiring to new residence of new generation herdsman. In Yikewulan herdsman of village of hemp of tribute of countryside firm examine pulls dawn new Courier, the person that the kitchen of the adornment of characteristic of new-style furniture, rich Tibetian, comfortable bedroom, practical cleanness lets look around praises greatly, said to acquire many experience, to oneself lid room has a lot of place that draw lessons from.
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