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Cashmere industry hopeful greets the spring of development
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Be aimed at the cashmere industry that moving toward maturity and standard stage by stage, governmental organization established branch of cashmere of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of branch of cashmere of chamber of commerce of Chinese imports and exports, China to wait for an orgnaization, a lot of cashmere cartel established Chinese cashmere cartel meeting and company of sale of Chinese cashmere combination. Rise jointly, promotion market is spent to cashmere acknowledge, build famous brand, make cashmere gets be reflectinged truly as the value of high-grade goods, make homebred cashmere takes door going abroad truly, become the consensus of numerous cashmere enterprise.

Cashmere industry, after experiencing sufficient competition, for better acclimatization is gotten live, the company moves toward combination actively necessarily, recombine through annex or build compose of strategic collaboration relation to establish large group, implementation capital, produce can, of natural resources of technology, manpower, client complementary share, implementation dimensions is changed manage and industrialization production, participate in market competition with complete industrial catenary whole, produce integral advantage of the industry thereby, at present this one trend already peep clue.

Concerned analysis thinks, although the development of industry of our country cashmere faces these profit nice element, but the industry is own brand force the problem such as weakness of link of innovation of not strong, technology still is numerous cashmere enterprise develop the problem that must face continuously. Will integratedly look, implementation of industry of our country cashmere can last the key of healthy progress, the comprehensive innovation that still depends on technical innovation, brand innovation, sale innovation waiting inside. Additional, the trademark is well-known degree low, without oneself terminal sale channel, major gain is earned to wait for a problem by foreign agency, also be enterprise of our country cashmere promote and develop the crucial problem that must overcome continuously.

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