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Brook of dragon of annulus of jade of settle of goat of Er of south Africa wave
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On October 22, the author walks into village of clever hilltop of countryside of brook of dragon of jade annulus county to be like field of Wen Xianjia that raise a sheep, see field of sheep of 700 much square is ventilated and bright only, a meter many tall from the ground ten posture sheep pen is installed by cent, accost of ground of ” of baa of baa of “ of goat of Er of many 200 wave is worn guest.

Be like the provisions side Wen Xianyi group the green grass that feed has aspersed brine, at the same time the tentative idea that Kan Kan spoke him to raise a sheep to get bellwether ” when “ .

10 years ago, clever hilltop whole of farmer of 196 high mountains is emigrant and downhill, be reappointed consecutively crosses the Xiao Wenxian of two villages director, with village “ two appoint ” members of a squad-a small body of people working together is discussing to want to develop the resource on the high mountain adequately, start masses to develop a high mountain to plant aquaculture, investment builds the cement road that goes up to the high mountain many yuan 100, can be full the masses that tasted high mountain sufferings, plant to the high mountain of aquaculture making money still is half believing and half doubting.

Call broken voice to be inferior to making appearance, cong Haining inspects Xiao Wenxian over there the friend be informed, the wave Er goat that originates in south Africa formerly is had collect feed limits wide, be able to bear or endure thick sex, adaptability is strong, and value of economy of moderate of smell of mutton, nutrition is advanced characteristic, suit masses to breed very much. Be in then this year invested many yuan 50 May, cong Haining introduces kid of goat of 210 wave Er, the wave Er goat that raises considering the circle grows than what depasture fast, give column affection of early, fat the factor with good, high rate giving the meat, did a circle to raise type sheep field, those who pass the village is far the study that teachs platform, used salt to raise appetite of goat of further wave Er, become fat fast, body is hale, the nutrient try out that configures bean curd broken bits and green grass feed to assure wave Er goat is raised newly, and frame raise, water is raised, full raise, do 6 kinds of raised methods, make successful settle of goat of Er of many 200 wave comes down, goat of Er of big now wave has grown many kilograms 50, every can sell 1300 multivariate, next month of goat of mother wave Er is about to begin calve.

Brook of dragon of settle of goat of Er of south Africa wave, breed door had begun to gain profit, the masses that the long Xiao Wenxian that serves as one village lets firm immigrant is downhill saw Yang Fayang is raised on hill again money, grow ovine hope. Xiao Wenxian confidence says dye-in-the-woodly, he should enlarge the dimensions of field of sheep of wave Er goat, do masses to look, guide the hill on masses answer cultivate is old curtilage base, fruit of development name actor is cultivated, wild animal breed aquatics.
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