Case of illness of burst of rumen of traumatic sex of wave Er goat

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The buck of 15 wave Er that Heibei of hair sick condition saves bavin of Sha He city to close countryside Chai Mou to raise, much at 9 o'clock on May 15, 2006 morning, a lambing goat of mother wave Er, after the lamb that sees it run suddenly, the left abdomen of takes a tip together board penetrate into that is gotten on by fence, cut makes an appointment with 18 centimeters, submit irregular oblate form, also stab rumen at the same time, gastric content content is poured out of (content content has many grass and leaf) contaminative abdominal cavity and achieve a face, abdominal expand of the sheep, ground of ill Yang Wo, mental depressed.

Treating remedial principle is control scar and systemic infection, the eyewinker inside cleared abdominal cavity and gastric content content, repair cut, make the animal restores health.

Anaesthesia and Baoding use 846 mixture applying general anesthesia, get on ill sheep Baoding in operating-table, have side going up.

Cure has the big gauze of lukewarm physiological saline to protect wound with dip first, cut the hair on flay skin again, take out contamination is disinfected. Purify gauze, the mucky contamination on cleared cut, find the cut of gastric ministry, discover the irregular oblate record that rumen wall is made an appointment with 12 centimeters by thorn cut, content of partial stomach content sheds abdominal cavity, cut pulls the rumen that defeats thorn to achieve a face, gauze ram is used all round cut, keep clear of the content content of rumen clean entirely (in case gastric content content pollutes abdominal cavity again) , had jumped over completely more. Use alvine clamp clamp to clip cut along 2 centimeters of place in cut next, do not place too closely, the eyewinker inside again cleared abdominal cavity, want to keep clear of clean thoroughly, the lukewarm physiological saline with many reoccupy adds penicillin to rinse abdominal cavity, use has disinfected gauze blot, cut go to part of gastric wall cut breaking a predestined relationship necrotic part, repair the brim of rumen cut, besmear of gastric wall cut scatters penicillin, streptomycin pink. Oversew continuously with 4 silk thread gastric wall whole layer, layer of chorion of wall of stomach of suture of again successive varus, after gastric wall suture ends, purify bowel clamp, rinse rumen cut to reach with penicillin physiological saline all round place, element of mildew of Tu Qing of gastric wall suture, streptomycin pink, remand rumen next celiac, again to element of mildew of the Sa Qing inside abdominal cavity, streptomycin pink, successive suture is peritoneal (take a few abdominal muscle) , besmear again element of Sa Qing mildew, streptomycin pink, whole layer of successive suture abdominal muscle, besmear again element of Sa Qing mildew, streptomycin pink, nodal suture skin, besmear 5 % tincture of iodine, besmear next penicillin, streptomycin pink, with answer bandage wraps up closely, fasten abdominal bandage. While cut handles suture, vein injects candy of grapes of 10 % grapes 500 milliliter, add 20 % to install sodium Ga 5 milliliter, physiological saline 500 milliliter, add penicillin 4 million LU. After the operation ends 5 minutes, ill sheep come to.

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