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The technology of prevention and cure of ovine fast epidemic disease
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The contagion of a kind of acute of sheep, with coming on suddenly, course of diseases is short, gender, phlogistic sex damages true gastrorrhagia for the feature.

The expert understands disease. ⑴ cause of disease: This ill cause of disease is corrupt shuttle bacterium, the be disgusted with that is positive of change orchid coloring enrages big bacili. This bacterium can produce a variety of mildew element. In animal body inside and outside all can produce gemma, do not form pod film. Want to use puissant disappear bane to be like 20% bleaching powder commonly, the ability such as natrium of 3-5% hydrogen oxidation undertakes alexipharmic.

⑵ popular characteristic: Come on the sheep is 6-18 more the sheep with lunar age better nutrition, the goat is less. Deliver part of Yu Chun, autumn more, the sheep is collected the feed that fed pollution or water, put when the outside have undesirable inducement, if climate changes suddenly, when waiting, continuous, endoparasite can cause overcast and rainy this disease. Give priority to in order to send out, incidence of a disease is low and rate of die in one's bed is high.

⑶ symptom: A, most acute. Preclinical still not apparent, ill sheep balks collect feed and regurgitation, grind one's teeth, bellyacke, groan, limb is apart, human body sways after, breath is difficult, buccal bazoo is poured out of take foamy liquid. Convulsion falls down, limb submits natant form, 2-6 hour dies. B, acute. The spirit at the beginning of disease is depressed, anorexia, walk flabby, discharge mucky difficulty, lie the ground does not rise, abdomen expands, breath is hurried, eye conjunctiva congests, groan salivate. Mucky at one's convenience contains phlogistic sex child or mucous membrane, darkly green. Temperature lifts difficulty breathes when 40 ℃ above, before long hind die.

Pathological changes of ⑷ analyse check: Analyse check pathological changes, the ovine true stomach that just died it is thus clear that has haemorrhage sex inflammation to change, gastric bottom reachs the mucous membrane near pylorus, often have slightly under all round the haemorrhage of normal mucous membrane spot piece and necrotic area. Mucous membrane issues constituent oedema, bosom, abdominal cavity and pericardium accumulate fluid, the film of inside and outside of the heart and alvine path have haemorrhage place, cystic much strut.

The expert treats a disease. ① precaution: Because this ill course of diseases is short, often have not enough time to treat. Accordingly, must strengthen at ordinary times epidemic prevention measure. When grass produces this disease, ill sheep segregation, try out of longer to course of diseases case of illness is treated to disease. Become when a disease happening is serious, transfer ley, can receive reduce the effect that stops to come on. Accordingly, should will all did not come on ovine move depastures to tall dry area, strengthen raise management, prevent cold of catch a cold catch a cold, avoid a sheep to be collected only feed freezing feed, give herd not to want in the morning too early. Undertake urgent have an inoculation with vaccine at the same time. Often send an area in this disease, can inject every year regularly " disease of poisonous blood of subcutaneous ulcer of ovine fast epidemic disease, abrupt, bowel is triplex seedling " , or " disease of poisonous blood of subcutaneous ulcer of ovine fast epidemic disease, abrupt, bowel, kid is dysenteric, black epidemic disease 5 couplet seedling " .
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