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The technology of prevention and cure of ovine black epidemic disease
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Ovine black epidemic disease says to infect necrotic sex hepatitis again, height of a kind of acute is deadly disease of sexual poisonous blood. Sheep, goat all can happen.

The expert understands disease: ⑴ cause of disease: This ill cause of disease is bacterium of shuttle of B Nuo Vickers, it is the bulky bacili of positive of change orchid coloring, two Duan Dun circles, most sheet is in or two two-phase are in, a few 3-4 bacterium body becomes short chain repeatedly. Its toxin can be divided for A, B, C model.

⑵ popular characteristic: Basically be in spring, the summer happens at liver piece the low-lying and damp area of fluke popularity. Bacterium of Nuo dimension shuttle is extensive in consist in soil. Collect when the sheep after feeding the feed that is polluted by this bacterium gemma, gemma enters liver by gastric bowel wall. Because normal liver oxidizes reductive potential is high, go against its gemma to turn into progenitive body, and still hide with gemma form in liver. When because liver suffers crudely wander liver piece fluke is damaged produce necrotic as a result its oxidize the gemma of the place of the consist in when reductive potential is reduced, obtain appropriate condition namely, mushroom breed, generation toxin, enter haemal circulation, produce poisonous blood disease, damage nerve yuan and other the cell that concerns with life activity, bring about acute shock and die. Accordingly, this ill happening often with liver piece closely related the infection of fluke. 2-4 of this ill main enroach on year old the grown sheep of above, the goat also can contract this disease, the happening of the disease and popularity and liver piece the infection of fluke has affinity.

⑶ symptom: Fast epidemic disease of this ill clinical symptom and disease of ovine bowel poisonous blood, sheep is extremely similar, come on urgent, often die suddenly. Course of diseases of a few case but protracted to 1-2 day. Ill sheep is behaved group, do not feed, temperature is elevatory, breath is difficult, show lethargy, Fu to lie, without bitterly sudden death.

Pathological changes of ⑷ analyse check: Hypodermic vein is remarkable gore, make sheepskin presents dark black outward appearance. True stomach pylorus and small intestine hyperaemia, haemorrhage. Lung surface and the grey black that depth has amount to differ are necrotic kitchen, do not make a circle, there is one vermeil hyperaemia to take all round around, tangent plane shows half moon.

⑸ diagnoses: According to ill Yang Lin examine technology, sheepskin shows the pathology change such as dark black exterior to be able to be made preliminary diagnose. Make lab inspection, the organization that collects brim of hepatic and necrotic kitchen makes smear, coloring lens check, bulky and two end are blunt it is thus clear that bacterium of round Nuo dimension shuttle, individual or geminate existence, a few 3-4 bacterium body becomes short chain repeatedly.

The expert treats a disease. ① precaution: Control liver piece the infection of fluke, bacterium of gas of be disgusted with of fixed inject sheep is ill 5 couplet seedling, hypodermic or intramuscular injection 5 milliliter. When coming on, change encircles supreme dry place, also can use serum of bacterium of shuttle of the dimension that fight Nuo inchoate precaution, hypodermic or milliliter of intramuscular injection 10-15, repeat 1 times when necessary.
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