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The settlement of midsummer farm fly method
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1, keep clear of in time abandon inside sewage of excrement and urine, should special attention the excrement and urine in blind angle and sewage, maintain excrement and urine as far as possible dry, accomplish as far as possible clear everyday. Do well the cleanness that abandons inside and outside is wholesome, fixed disinfection. Appropriate handles cleared excrement and urine, be pulled in time and undertake harmless change processing. The makings of useless old mat inside field and birds of cultivate of die in one's bed also want appropriate processing. 2, to window of metope, corridor, ceiling, door, makings, all fly such as feed bucket, watering trough are likely the place of stay uses Zun Xuan gush of chloric chrysanthemum ester is applied, can exterminate ab extra fly effectively, period of efficacy is as long as 45, 60 days.

3, undertake the environment is disinfected regularly. Use chloric disinfectant, use chloric special odour fly not to like to have the effect that comes loose to hasten thereby.

4, Qin of annulus third ammonia is added in feed 5, 10ppm, , press a specification to use, fortnightly raise is fed or successive raise is fed 4 - 6 weeks. Qin of annulus third ammonia feeds an animal through feed way raise, enter animal system inside be not absorbed basically, the majority follows style of eduction of excrement and urine with the form of medicaments original shape outside, distributing in the excrement and urine at the animal, direct block breaks larva (maggot) neurological development, make larval (maggot) cannot exuvial and direct death, make thereby fly maggot cannot decay becomes fly, effect of complete the maggot that kill fly is produced in excrement and urine, can from go up at all the generation that controls fly, achieve the goal that controls fly thoroughly. Qin of annulus third ammonia must use method of the compound that pursue course use after mix is even; Answer to be used in time before season of fly of the middle ten days of a month began in April.