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Goat of period cloth with soft nap abandons withered grass raise government poin
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One, feed reservior
The reservior of feed is the corporeal foundation that makes sure goat of cloth with soft nap abandons raise, raise ovine door annual to should put feed reservior work in first place.
1 , bask in the hay that make blueness. The straw of corn of nutrient value prep above of green hay and straw, conditional area summer should bask in the hay that make blueness.
2, collect excellent crop straw. A lot of crop straw, wait for nutrition like fry of beans of tendril of earthnut fry, sweet potato, cloud rich, dainty sex is digested well, easily to absorb by the sheep, be the sheep is withered the high grade feed of gramineous period, train kid to leave especially feed the high grade coarse fodder that breeds with kid.
3, plant high grade forage grass. Be like alfalfa, 0. 67 hectare (mu) produce Xian Cao to be controlled 5000 kilograms, and the total nutrient of unit area, protein, calcic, phosphor, carotene is far outclass corn.
4, grow melon, vegetable kind, the viridescence such as turnip, carrot is juicily feed. In order to make sure the sheep is withered the demand of gramineous period vitamin, microelement.
5, corn straw and straw treatment modulation. Rate of lignification of dry corn straw is high, crude fibre digestive rate is low, nutrient value is low, because this should seize an opportunity, do well processing of half desiccate, ammoniation and the green yellow lay aside of straw, small store, in order to increase the nutrient value of straw, dainty sex and digestive rate.

2, Yang Qun is adjusted
Before entering a winter, should undertake adjustment to Yang Qun, wash out sheep of infecund, old, weak, ill, incomplete stoutly, according to oneself raise administrative condition to define measurable scope. Do well bug of dipping, drive and job of be good at stomach, abandon raise period to enter ready-made.

3, the requirement of Yang She and playground ground
The tall dry of exposed to the sun of n of Yang She requirement, relief, sunny, wind that do not have a thief is invaded, drafty, abandon inside often keep dry, clean sanitation. After Qiu Mo removes next ovine beds, yang She should sweep disinfection thoroughly. The playground builds grass to wear inside moderate of requirement ground level, size, field or set makings chamfer, cistern and saline groove.
4, hybridization period raises management
North uses light snow season to center hybridization.
1 , kind of ram raise management. Kind the hybridization ability of ram depends on hale constitution, abundant energy and exuberant sexual desire, because this should assure its protein, vitamin, mineral supply, make plant the fat condition that the sheep carries measurable. The mixture product that begins the composition such as filling raise corn, wheat bran, soya-bean cake, bone dust, mineral additive in a month. Daily 0. 5 ~ 0. 7 kilograms, feed 1 with time. The melon dish such as 5 kilograms of right-and-left turnips, carrot kind viridescence is juicily feed, day feeds an egg 2, contented supply cleanness comfortable water lukewarmly, in order to make sure kind of sheep is energetic, offer qualitative actor to measure enough seminal fluid. Be not hybridization season, kind the sheep should depasture alone, in order to put an end to lambing of Yang Qun the four seasons.
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