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The epidemic prevention of dimensions sheep field wants a place
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Selecting a site is optional location of field of fundamental dimensions sheep should be far from traffic thoroughfare, be far from a village, choose the place with n exposed to the sun, higher relief, want traffic to facilitate again at the same time, water and electricity supply is convenient, be far from all sorts of animal farm and animal produce processing factory.

Fixed disinfection is the system that measure wants to build fixed disinfection, above all gate mouth should create alexipharmic pool, want to often maintain effective alexipharmic liquid medicine; Disinfect every week below normal circumstance next, disinfect 3 times every week when epidemic disease happening; Disappear bane can use the alexipharmic drug such as calx, caustic soda, organic chloric preparation. Specific disinfection program is all sorts of contamination inside cleared field, with running water rinse clean inside field, reoccupy disappear bane sprays disinfection disinfects quality with assuring.

The helminth that be good at stomach is key sheep basically has drive worm wireworm of path of bowel of mite bug, tapeworm, stomach, liver piece fluke. General bug of every quarter drive, had better be Zun of third sulfur Mi and element of Yi dimension bacterium are used at the same time. Specific usage: Weight of every kilogram of Zun of Mi of sulfur of third of to be taken orally 15 milligram, use liquid of inject of element of bacterium of 0.1% Yi dimension at the same time 0.2 milliliter flesh notes every kilogram weight, such combination have better effect to afore-mentioned helminth with medicine.

Quarantine is monitored is to ensure dimensions sheep field to be planted especially ovine field should is opposite regularly disease of bacili of rash family name undertakes disease of n/med tuberculosis bacterium, cloth quarantine is monitored, it is annual at least. Discover electropositive sheep in time and undertake attacking killing handling, this since ensures a sheep group healthy need, it is the need that ensures animal produce safety.

Vaccinate is key use epidemic disease (bacterium) the seedling undertakes calculated to Yang Qun vaccinate, it is the key that raises epidemic disease of Yang Qun resistance, precaution to happen. The immune have an inoculation that basically should do foot-and-mouth disease of disease of bacterium of shuttle of good sheep pox, Yang Wei, sheep to wait works. Particular program: Goat blain vaccine is used at each days age, with physiological saline dilute, 0.5 milliliter inject inside skin of inside of root of every sheep end; Sheep " O " model foot-and-mouth disease is vaccinal 24 months of age flesh note 4 ~ 1 milliliter of 0.5 ~ ; Flesh of 24 lunar age above note 2 milliliter, annual age injects each; 2 couplet seedling used ovine Wei Ba in Feburary age above, every flesh notes 3 milliliter.

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