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Choose kind of sheep to want " 5 look "
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⒋ should judge healthy situation of the sheep
Healthy sheep is lively good move, two have a mind brightly, wool luster, appetite is exuberant, breath, temperature is normal, arms and legs is strong and mighty; Ill Yang Zemao is messy, coarse lacklustre, the eye does not have a god greatly, slow-witted stand, inappetence, breath is hurried, temperature is elevatory, or body watch and limb are sick wait.
⒌ wants have sth taken along with one genealogical card and quarantine card
Plant commonly ovine field has genealogical record, come on the stage kind of sheep should going along with is genealogical card, so that master the manufacturing function of the kin of kind of sheep and parents, grandparent, appraise measures the performance of kind of sheep itself. From nonlocal introduce a fine variety, answer to obtain quarantine evidence to unit of introduce a fine variety, it is to be able to understand situation of epidemic disease happening, lest introduce ill sheep; 2 it is the examination in carriage road when, the cultivate birds breed with complete formalities Caiketong goes.

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